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Branded USB sticks and promotional USB flash drives.

Plus iPad Accessories and technology promotional items.

We are a UK supplier of branded USB sticks as promotional items for corporate branding. Plus many technology related promotional gifts like iPad and Tablet accessories and not forgetting the new hot product the Branded Power Bank. UK based we supply the world.

The price includes printing your own logo or message and for memory sticks, pre-loading with your promotional material. Our prices are very competitive. So test our famous customer service.

Novel, New and Different

A fun and creative Selfie Stick with built in Bluetooth and 850mm extension branded with your logo.

Custom full colour printed resin dome for maximum brand impact.

Choice of Black or White handle. Supplied in retail style gift box.

Compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth connectivity.

Our Selfie Sticks use only A-Grade rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Don't miss our Corporate Gifts for Business selection. We have added some non-USB gifts like Branded Stylus pens for iPads and combinations of USB items with promotional pens.

There is nothing as versatile as a USB stick for business promotion.

A Branded USB stick is the most versatile and effective promotional giveaway around.

If you want to distribute your promotional or other material for reading on a device then USB sticks are ideal. It makes sense to have them branded since the option of printing your company logo is included in the price.

With a reasonable amount of spare capacity your branded USB sticks become so useful to your prospective customers that they will use them every day so your brand is frequently seen.

Promote your brand in the most effective way. Engender goodwill with your customers. Forget the printed brochures!

Which promotional USB memory stick is for you?

Dive in, click a picture or follow the quick tour to see some great products.

For the cost conscious we offer budget USB sticks in bulk and for those seeking quality with an exclusive feel, a good start is our Leather USB drives range.

Nearly all products are made from recycled materials but the Eco range Eco Wood USB sticks is particularly good to project your eco friendliness.

They are not only great for promotional merchandise.

  • USB memory branded with your corporate identity is great for all organisations where employees are on the move and need to take their work with them.
  • Any event, trade show, exhibition, conference, seminar can be remembered with a Promotional USB wristband that contains details of the event and promotional messages from the sponsors.
  • Schools provide pupils with flash drives to carry their computer based homework around with them.
  • Universities make bulk purchases to resell them in their Student Union shops at good value prices.
  • Accountants supply USB business cards to clients to make it easy for clients to send in their Sage back-ups.
  • What will you use USB memory sticks for?

Not a mug.

Promotional USB memory sticks are so amazingly useful that your customers will take them with them wherever they go and your brand will go with them. A promotional mug will sit on their desk and that's fine too but when did you ever see anybody turn up at your place bringing their workplace mug with them?

A novel design of USB memory stick will grab others' attention and become a talking point so your brand will become a topic of conversation.

What makes a promo flash drive so versatile?

A USB Flash Drive is incredibly versatile as a promotional item. You can have it pre-loaded with your own promotional material and you can use it to distribute your catalogue or other documents, typically in PDF format.

You can make your info read-only. In other words you can write-protect your material so that the customer cannot remove it from your drive but you ensure you have enough spare storage space on the flash drive to make it useful for your customer.

You can have an auto-run feature so that every time your branded memory stick is plugged into a computer it runs your introduction. This could be just a "thank you" to remind them of you, or it could be the introduction to your content on the memory stick to allow easy access to your promotion or catalogue.

A USB Stick by any other name...

So what do you call it?

It is hard to imagine a single product with so many names. Apart from USB Stick and Flash Drive here are some variations. The point to bear in mind is that they all mean exactly the same thing.

The USB Stick versus Memory Stick

Obviously these things contain computer memory and a USB connector but where does the stick come from?

At one point a memory stick was a particular kind of portable memory format invented by Sony which was slim enough to slip into a camera as well as a computer so it was handy for transferring photos. It had its proprietary connector that was nothing like USB so it isn't the same but that is probably how the USB stick got its name.

What is so flash about Flash Drives?

Any electronics bod should probably know the history of electronic memory. Things like read-only memory (ROM) that is fixed as opposed to random access memory (RAM) that is loaded when the computer is switched on and forgets everthing when the power is switched off.

Then some bright spark said ROM should be programmable and came up with PROM. Another said make it erasable so we had EPROM but that had to be done by taking the chip out of the circuit. Next up was the electrically erasable EEPROM which could be changed in-situ. The method of erasing and programming was slow so a mega-brain said lets make it writable using a technique like on a floppy disk then programming the memory would be done in one operation which to the inventors was was a bit like a camera flash.

The rest is history. A bit boring since nothing actually flashes. Don't forget to gen-up by reading about it at Wikipedia - Flash Memory.

Pen Drive

For some reason USB sticks were called pen drives from very early on even though they didn't look like pens. For example the popular twister USB was referred to as a pen drive.

This name seems to be popular with schools and their pupils and schools often buy flash drives printed with the school emblem to be issued to pupils for their homework assignments.

It is kind of ironic and a bit confusing that many USB sticks are now combined with ball-point pens. Some of those are very popular, especially the better quality examples.

Thumb Drive, Key Drive and USB Keys

The early vendors of flash drives as commercial products used Thumb Drive as a brand name and somehow the name lingers on but its not very popular. Another brand name was DiskOnKey so they could be the origin of the name Key Drive and USB key.

A quick question for you!

Now that you know more than you thought you would ever need to know about USB sticks, was there anything there worth sharing?

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