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Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive CPP03

Relax, you are in safe hands.

I am a Nurse USB stick. Not the most lady-like description but we nurses have to put up with a lot. Some people call me a Nurse flash drive and I can carry up to 8GB.

You can get me in a range of styles known as Original, Rubber Head, Mini, Micro, and Ball.

I'm not alone. I am one of a team and we are known as the USB People.

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  • Nurse USB stick flash drive

    Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive

  • Nurse USB rubber head

    Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive

  • Nurse USB Mini

    Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive

  • Nurse USB Micro

    Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive

  • Nurse USB ball

    Nurse USB Stick Flash Drive

Original USB People

Customised USB People

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